Triathlons of Seneca Lake
Musselman ITU Pan American Cup
Course for the Musselman ITU Pan American Cup on Saturday, July 18, 2009. The course is closed to traffic.   [map]  [kml]
Musselman Triathlon
Welcome to Musselman!

Summer in the Finger Lakes is as sweet as a field of strawberries, as bright as the sun sparkling on a deep blue lake. Geneva in July is a little slice of heaven - with welcoming arms and gracious smiles, this community welcomes you to thrill in being alive. Come, indulge, enjoy.   [map]  [kml]

Time to sweat the small stuff.   [map]  [kml]
Fly by Night Duathlon
Welcome to Fly by Night! Staged on one of the most historic and well-known race tracks in the country, Fly by Night will thrill you unlike any other duathlon.

Contested in a Formula I format of run-bike-run-bike-run, athletes ride on the track, run on the infield, and transition in Pit Row.   [map]  [kml]

MusselKids Triathlon
Every single member of the family can participate in Musselman Triathlon Weekend. Join us for MusselKids on Friday evening!

(Note: Older kids will do two laps of the bike course. Younger kids will do one.)   [map]  [kml]